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A great help that saves your time and energy

By answering all your needs – moving your furniture, finding the right house that fits your needs, dealing with administrations, ensurance, connections, finding the best school for your children – you are sure to make a smooth transition to your new city.

Professional services for the expat

By utilizing our services, you will be sure to receive dedicated attention, genuine care and deep expertise from a proficient team.

Knowledge of the region

We are specialized in the research for optimal solutions in Milan and the area, that can be adapted to the expat alone or with their family.

Cost-effective solutions

Our #1 goal is to help manage your costs and precious time in order to quickly meet your requirements.

Relocating is easier

Our assistance will make the transfer to Milan smooth and stress-free.

Quick and easy integration

Supported in all their demands by our agency, the expats will immediately feel integrated with life in Milan.


Milano Relocation offers a wide range of services to facilitate your transfer

  • Simplifying accommodation research

    Pre-selection / Screening
    Accompanied visits
    Contract negotiation
    Removal and arrangement

  • Administrative procedure

    Work and residence permit
    Fiscal code and residence certificate
    Social security application
    Banks and insurances
    Driver’s license and vehicle plate change
    School visits

  • Cultural familiarization and adaptation

    City and neighborhood tours
    Transportations and shops
    Local customs and traditions
    Sports and hobbies

  • Departure help

    Cancellation of utilities

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